No Wagering Bingo Sites

No Wagering bingo sites

No wagering bingo sites bonuses play a massive part in not only attracting new players but also promoting new brands and games. As a player, there has never been a better time to sign up to an online bingo site and claim a welcome bonus.

Given that there are so many bonuses to choose from, it can often be tough to know which are the best. An easy mistake to make would be to go with the offer that gives you the most bonus money. But the reason that this is a mistake is because of a term used in the industry called wagering.

Ideally, you want to find a bingo site that offers no wagering at all on their bonus. This allows you to get a hold of the most money with the easiest rate to claim said money.

Throughout this article, we are going to look a little more at how no wagering bingo sites work and also what you need to look out for to get the best possible deals.

Best no wagering bingo sites

Below we have included some of the best no wagering bingo sites in the business. This table will be updated weekly, so make sure that you bookmark the page to keep checking back for the latest offers.

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What is wagering on bingo sites?

Any bonus that you claim on a bingo site usually comes with some sort of wagering requirement. They are put in place to prevent players from signing up, claiming the bonus and then just leaving.

Wagering means that the player needs to play games on-site before the bonus money is released as cash. Let’s run through a quick example of how this works.

A bingo room is offering you a £20 bonus when you sign up and deposit £10. Once your account is registered, you then deposit £10 and get the £20 bonus, giving you £30 in total.

As part of the terms of the offer, to change the bonus money into a cash balance (thus making it withdrawable) they ask that you wager through the bonus 10 times. So, this would mean that you need to play £200 worth of wagers (£20 bonus x 10) before the bonus money is switched to your real money account.

The number of times that you need to wager through the bonus will change from site to site. You need to keep an eye out for the lowest amount possible.

No wagering means that the bingo room does not require you to play through a certain amount before they release the bonus to your account. It is, for want of a better phrase, free money.

How do they differ from normal bingo sites?

The first thing to note is that a “normal” bingo site and a one that offers no wagering bonuses are all the same. They could offer the same games, have similar layouts and even look the same. Just because one offers a certain type of bonus, does not usually mean that the bingo is any different from the standard range of games you get access to.

The offers are what differentiate these bingo sites. No wagering offers are very rare and so lots of people take advantage of them. They have a higher number of players and then this sometimes equates to more games running as a result.

Pros and Cons of no wagering bingo sites

As with any bonus or promotion, regardless of how good they might look from the outside, there are pros and cons as to why you might use a no wagering bingo site.


  • These offers are some of the easiest to access and will mean that more people can get into the online bingo site for less money
  • Great for players with a small bankroll
  • Great for players who are new to the game and are looking to get to grips with online bingo
  • Ideal for players who are looking to test out a new brand before committing too much money


  • Offers often look better than they are
  • It’s tough to find these sorts of promotions and can come with loopholes attached within the T’s and C’s that lots of players overlook

Low wagering v no wagering – which is best?

One of the most common questions that we get is which is the best option to choose; low wagering or no wagering?

Most people assume that they are better off getting a no wagering deal as the money is technically free. But it all comes down to the games that you’re looking to play and the offers on the table.

For example, let’s assume you’re a veteran online bingo player looking for a new site and you know that you’re going to be wager around £25 per week to play at a site. There are two bonus offers in the bingo room and you can only choose one. The first is a £5 no wagering offer and the second is a £50 low wagering offer.

A consistent player who is aware of how much they stake each will be better off taking the higher bonus offer with the stricter wagering requirements. Even though the £5 bonus would be easy to claim, if they are playing anyway then it makes sense to take a larger offer that they need to work a little harder for, but well within their usual limits.

This is one of the reasons why we continue to state that just because one offer suits a certain type of player, it might not suit all players. So, when it comes to talking about value, all we can do is throw up a blanket opinion on the majority of players.

It’s for this reason that choosing which is “best” is impossible. A no wagering is far more accessible, but low wagering often far more lucrative.

How to choose a no wagering bingo site

The most important bit of advice we can give when choosing a no wagering bingo site is to check the terms and conditions. The headline offers that you see can be a little less appealing once you know exactly what you need to clear that bonus.

We spend a lot of time at Bingo Online to make sure that we cover these T’s and C’s in as much detail as possible, but you need to know where to look for your own games as well.

Once you’re happy with the offer, it’s time to look about the site and see if it’s offering the games that you want to play. You can register with them and take a look around before you deposit money with most sites.

Finally, make sure that you’re able to get money in and out with methods that suit you. Most bingo sites have lots of banking options to choose from, so it’s usually pretty accessible, but you do need to check there is a quick and easy process for your bingo bankroll.

Can I claim these offers with all payment options?

Most no wagering bingo offers are limited to the payment options that you can choose. This is very common throughout the gambling industry and you will find that the likes of e-wallets and prepaid cards (Paysafecard etc.) are not eligible to claim welcome offers.

The reason behind this is that these methods can all be used anonymously and there is no way for the bingo room to track who is the owner of each account. This then opens up the offers to fraud and people claiming more than the maximum of one offer per account.

All mainstream banking options will be able to claim these offers. The likes of Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer and debit cards are the main culprits here.

Please note that bingo rooms are no longer able to accept credit card deposits or withdrawals. This law has been brought in by the UK Gambling Commission in an attempt to limit the exposure of gambling sites to problem gamblers.

Is no wagering offers legit?

They are legit in terms of them being sage and legal within the online bingo industry. Many sites use them to entice new players and also to give players a free look around their product before having to deposit.

If you are unsure or you think that something doesn’t look right, then you can check licenses with UK bingo sites within the UKGC website. All you do is search for the brand you are using, and it will show if they are licensed or not.