How to Play Bingo Online

How To play bingo online

This is the guide you need if you want to know how to play bingo online. We break things down step by step so you can go ahead and start playing with confidence.

Playing Bingo Online

Some say it’s easy and some find it tricky to setup. If you want to learn how to play bingo online then this guide will turn you in to an expert in 5 minutes! We wrote this guide so that anyone can learn how to play. It saves making mistakes and having a bad experience so sit back for 5 minutes, get a cuppa and take your time reading and following the steps below. You will thank us for it after 🙂

Step 1: Join an Online Bingo Site

Visit this page and select one of our recommended bingo sites. Then come back to this page as we explain the next steps.

How to join a bingo site:

– Fill out the registration form online. They will ask you for the following information so make sure you have it all to hand. Name, Address, DOB, Email Address, Phone Number. You will also need to select a Username and Password.

– Verify your identity – Due to increased security by the UK government it is normal for players to submit a photo/copy of their passport or driving licence to prove it is them playing. So if you can submit during your registration, we recommend doing it straight away. You can do it later with most sites but to withdraw your winnings you have to do it.

– Verify your email address. You can do this by clicking the approve/confirm button on the email the bingo site sends to you. A few are starting to do this via Text/SMS also.

– Login and take a look around. Get familiar with the site and see if you can find your way to the bingo rooms, to your account section, the slot games and the offers and promotions.

Step 2: Adding Money to your Bingo Account

– Click the ‘Deposit’ button when logged in to your bingo site. You can find this button at the top of the homepage or within your account section. It’s normally in a very obvious place though.

– Select a payment method – The most popular is Debit Card and you can add money just like you would purchase anything else online. You can also withdraw to a debit card with no problems. If you want to keep your bingo spending separate from your everyday bank card you could consider these other options; Paypal, ApplePay or Google Pay. (Apple and Google Pay only available on mobile)

– You can deposit a minimum of £5 with nearly all bingo sites. Most welcome bonuses will be geared around a £10 deposit so if you want the maximum bonus this is a great starting amount.

Step 3: Buying your Bingo Tickets

– Head to the bingo lobby at your bingo site and select a bingo room.
– The rooms are ordered by time so top of the list will be the next game available.
– Check the price per ticket before entering. They range from 1p – £1 so decide how much you want to play at.
– Once in the room you can use the slider bar to select how many bingo tickets you want to buy.
– Click purchase and you will see your tickets of the screen.

See the below screenshots of how the tickets look when buying and when bought.

Step 4: Playing Online Bingo

Once you have your bingo tickets purchased that’s really it. Just keep an eye on the bingo balls getting called and see which tickets are close to winning.

The best thing about online bingo is that each ticket highlights how many numbers to go you have. If you are not familiar with the bingo lingo, having 3 numbers left would be displayed as 3TG. This means ‘Three to Go’. So on your bingo cards that is what you will see when you are getting close to winning. A lot of bingo players will post their best ticket chance in the chat.

To win you need to get one of the following first;
– 1 Line
– 2 Lines
– Full house

The ticket closest to winning in each game you play will jump to the top of you tickets. You will see your tickets underneath the bingo balls.

To really enjoy the game we recommend you get involved with the chat. It brings the competition aspect to the game and can really fun chasing the big wins with other players.