Cash Out Bingo


Cash Out Bingo is newest bingo game variant to hit the online scene. This has been an option in sports betting for a number of years now and it really changed the game for players. Now it’s the time for online bingo to take on this feature and offer players a fresh way of playing bingo.

What is Cash Out Bingo?

Cash Out Bingo is an online bingo game that allows you take an early payout when your bingo ticket has one number to go (1TG). Once you are one number away from winning, you are presented with a cash out figure. It will be less than the potential pot win but if you choose to take it, you guarantee the money, even if you go on to lose.

You basically choose to end your game early to secure a bingo win. It’s certainly an interesting alternative to traditional bingo but I’m a big fan of this. It’s not often you see innovation in online bingo so this feature is refreshing for the game. I mean, how many times do we find ourselves with 1TG and don’t win… Cash Out Bingo takes all this away and could see you winning a lot more regularly.

How does it work?

First of all you need to be playing in a cash out bingo room online and purchased at least 1 bingo ticket. Once the game has become you are then waiting to be in a position where you have 1TG.

Once you have 1TG on any card you will be offered a cash out. You have 20 seconds to decide whether you are taking the cash out offer or continuing without. Once the 20 seconds is up, the next ball will be drawn.

If you choose to cash in your game is over and you bank the cash offered. If you pass, the game continues as normal.

The only prize available in cash out bingo games is a House. No 1 or 2 line prizes are available.

How much is the cash out?

This is determined by two things;

1. The total prize pool for the bingo game
2. How many players have already cashed out

You will be able to see how many players are currently sitting on 1TG at the time you are offered your cash out.

bingo Cash out message

Bingo Games with Cash Out

You can find a cash out game for the following bingo variants; 30, 75, 80 and 90 ball games.

Currently this bingo game can only be played at Foxy Bingo but I expect more brands to offer this by the end of the year.

Bingo Cash Out Strategy

OK, so let’s say you are offered a cash out and you are one number away from landing the house prize. The house prize is at £20 for example purposes.

There are a few things I consider when making my decision and you can follow these steps too. After all, we only have 20 seconds to decide so it’s best to have a small strategy in place to help.

If the below are all ‘YES’, I cash out. If any are ‘NO’, I play on.

  1. Have 2 or less bingo tickets at 1TG
  2. There are 4 or less players being offered a cash out
  3. The Cash Out pot is at least 75% of the House pot

Here is an example screenshot of a cash out I was offered. I answered YES to all the above factors above so I chose to cash out. On this occasion I shared £15 with 1 other player so I won £7.50. A pretty good amount to guarantee I’m sure you would agree.

bingo cash out pop up yes

This is the rule I follow as I think it offers the best value. If the cash out value is looking to be shared with 5 or more players, it’s probably better to take the chance of scooping the house prize.

If your balance is low though and you want to secure cash for more bingo time, then of course lock in those cash outs every time.

Everyone has their own strategy and needs at different times. This applies to the new bingo player all the way to the seasoned bingo pro! Play your own game and if you are in a good spot, my strategy above should allow to make the choice based on value.

Where to play Cash Out Bingo

Here are the bingo sites where you can play cash out bingo games.

Foxy Bingo

As more bingo sites take on this new bingo game I will list them here. For now you have the above options to play at.

Final Thoughts

It’s not easy to innovate in online bingo but cash out does bring new life to the old game! Of course, this type of game won’t be for everyone but what game is right. What it does give though is a whole new experience. An experience which brings us players in to the game like never before.

We have the choice and a decision in the middle of a bingo game and it effects how the game is played out. Normally you just purchase tickets and then watch the screen. I personally like having the extra something within the bingo game, it’s fresh and doesn’t compromise the bingo excitement we play for.

By the end of 2021 I’m expecting cash out bingo to be a standard game online. It’s a feature to stay and let’s hope it sparks more ideas for the future.

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