Best Slots Sites

You can play online slots very easily but finding the best slots site is not so easy. We have played at so many different sites and have put together the sites worth playing at. Are you ready to see them?

Best Slots Sites 2022

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The thrill of online slots is one you can only feel once you have played, hit a bonus round and then watch your win totalled up on the screen. It’s one hell of a rush and is the reason why slots sites have become so popular with players over the past 5 years.

All bingo sites have slots too. You can find them in the side games whilst playing in a bingo room and there will be a section on the site or app to. If you want a bigger selection of slots though you might find a better experience at a dedicated slots site.

What makes a good slots site?

The very best slots sites will have the following;

  • A big choice of slot games
  • A variety of slot providers
  • Fair bonuses with low or no wagering requirements
  • High RTP settings
  • New slots every month
  • Good search functionality to find your favourite slots
  • Allow fast withdrawals and don’t leave them pending
  • A selection of jackpot slots

From our personal point of view, it’s the website / app itself that can play the biggest part. Some slot sites are simply horrible to use and with so many options out there, there is no need to put with bad UX or design.

Everyone has their own taste of course so the best slots site for one maybe the worst for another.

How many slots do these sites have?

This varies greatly between sites but a good slots site will have at least 1000 slots. Yes you read it correctly, it’s a big number but that’s the power of playing online. There is really no limit on how far a site can go but the more they have the harder it is to showcase them and that could leave hundreds of great slot games left at the back of the shelf.

Slots sites make deals with slot providers. It’s the slot providers who make the online slots and then lease them to an operator (slots site). Like any deal it’s a negotiation so the better the deal the more providers they will likely have. Just as Netflix and Amazon Prime battle it out for TV shows and films.

How to win at Online Slots

OK so here is the secret that will allow you to win online slots…. Nah haha there is no such secret i’m afraid. You just need to be playing the right slot at the right time.

Now for some serious tips if you want to maximise your return;

  1. If you get ahead of your starting balance on a particular slot game, walk away! The longer you stick on one slot the more you normally lose. For some reason in your first 50 spins you will likely get up above your starting balance. not always but it happens often. So stay strong and walk away with the cash whether is £10 or £200 or more.
  2. Play slot games that are high in win frequency. So you are looking for slots with a high RTP. A high RTP would be 96% or higher. This means that in theory you would win £96 from every £100 you spin. Although it sounds bad it’s not something that happens like that, the calculation is worked out over all of time. You could win £50,000 on your first spin for example.
  3. Keep your stake the same. This is important as the moment you change the amount of your spin, the slot algorithm effectively starts again. So if you played a long time with no bonus round and were waiting for it, you could delay it further by switching stakes.